So, who am I and whats this about?

Brigid’s Forge is a place for me to blog about Brigid, Irish deity, saint, nun, ollamh, and much, much more. Being Irish, I’ve grown up with stories about Brigid, practices about Brigid, superstitions about Brigid my whole life. Our landscape here in Ireland is covered in sacred wells, placenames and other indications of our love of the being in question. This blog is a mix of fiction (clearly labelled as such), the results of my research into our Irish lore on her and the topics I think link to her, as well as my writings on my energetical practices and modern issues I believe she would be interested in.

I also offer a limited number of energetic healing spots each week. I practice reiki, reflexology and womb blessing, and am currently training to offer womb/fertility massage. Please contact me if you wish to discuss any of these treatments further.

I also teach in the Irish Pagan School ( ), mostly connected with Brigid, but this December, I’m teaching a short session on Catholic magic as well. Come and join us!

A little bit about me: My name is Orlagh and I describe myself as a Pagan Catholic for now. I was born and reared in Ireland and live here again now, after a decade in England. As might be obvious from this page, my main relationship in the Irish Pantheon is with Brigid, although to be fair the Dagda will probably make some appearances here as well – he takes a vested interest in anything to do with his offspring. I run a group dedicated to Brigid on Facebook ( ) as well as a page advertising my womb blessing circles ( ).

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life working as an engineer, in a variety of industries, and am heavily interested in getting more women and girls interested in the area as a career. While Brigid is often associated with healing and water, the forge, the fire and smith are the primary ways she connects with me. Her Forge isn’t always a comfortable place to be, but it feels like home!

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I've been working with Brigid for many years now and looking to share my experience and knowledge with those who wish to learn. Check out my links here: Patreon: Facebook: School: Blog:

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  1. Thank you,looking forward to more! I am a priestess in the service of Bridget trained in Glastonbury and very interested in hearing news of Bridget from Ireland. 💚

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