I offer a range of treatments and combinations of treatments for relaxation, revitalisation and general wellness. If there is something you are interested in, but can’t see it below, please drop me a line at or use the “Contact” page to get in touch and we’ll see what we can sort out. First sessions will usually take about 90mins, with sessions usually lasting 60 mins after that. Longer/shorter sessions can be arranged on request.


Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, working on either the feet or the hands, or sometimes both, to balance energy flows through the body and ease stress and tension. Clients must be naked from the ankles down for foot reflexology and from the wrists down for hand reflexology. Usually for foot reflexology the client is lying down, but if this isn’t comfortable, sitting up is also possible. Please don’t worry about the condition of your feet – all shapes, sizes, types of feet and hands are welcome!


Reiki is a wholly energetic treatment, originating in Japan, for balance energies and reducing stress and tension. Reiki can be hands on or hands off, depending on client preference, and generally improves wellbeing and relaxation. The client remains clothed for this treatment, and while it is usual for the client to lie down, sitting up is fine as well. Whatever is most comfortable!

Womb Blessing

The womb blessing is a lovely energy technique that works with the Divine to help balance out the energies in the body. Primarily aimed at women (whether AFAB or not), the blessing works to help us live in balance with our womb centres, relax and tune in to our bodies needs and wants. The client remains clothed for this treatment, and is usually seated in an upright chair. If this isn’t comfortable though, lying down is perfectly fine!

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