A new adventure!

I knew around Imbolc I’d be starting something new this year for herself and for the community. I had some ideas, but nothing concrete.

Well, it got solidified! Welcome to the new Brigid’s Forge Patreon Page!! A few months ago, when I asked people for content for the school, prayers came up quite a bit. Well the school isn’t the best path for delivering that sort of content, but Patreon is. Every month, I’ll be adding a new devotional, based on some of Brigid’s lore, and a short Irish prayer. You can check out the different membership options here as well. Are you a Hammer, Anvil or Forge?

I’m looking to have fun with this – I usually enjoy writing devotionals and I’ve shared a few of them on this blog as well at times. Plus, it’s also a means of both using my Irish and getting more people to use their Irish as well – or even start learning it. In example Anvil post I’ve put up there, you can see it took me quite a while to go through a 2 line prayer, so when I say short… Well, it’s won’t be Paradise Lost, that’s for sure!

Anyway, please go take a look and I hope to see you there!

Author: galros2

I've been working with Brigid for many years now and looking to share my experience and knowledge with those who wish to learn. Check out my links here: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/brigidsforge Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyBrigidsForge School: https://brigid-s-forge.teachable.com/ Blog: https://mybrigidsforge.com/

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