Spellcraft, showers & South Pacific

I woke up this morning with a song from the musical South Pacific in my head. Yeah, it’s that one. And it led to some exciting spellcraft in the shower. But, why??

The song I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair from South Pacific

So, obviously, this was a reminder to do some spellcraft in the shower. Oh yes! Now, you’ll need a bit of backstory for this. Monday and Tuesday in work were very tough. Lot of pressure from offsite, senior managers going ballistic, real anger being displayed. The atmosphere was just pure horrible. And there was one particular senior manager that really got under my skin.

What was so bad?

Well, I have problems with other people’s anger anyway. Now through a lot of shadow work, I’ve gotten much better at this. I no longer automatically cry or run away. I don’t shake or curl up in a ball. So, things have improved a lot.

But. But I’m still very sensitive to anger in others. The raised voices, the jabbing finger, the clenched fist… now you may think these signs are not that subtle, but there are people who don’t pick up on them or who take longer to notice. I notice very quickly.

And then there’s the energetic stuff. The atmosphere full of anger. The waves just radiating from people. The fury is a palpable thing. And it affects peopke in all sorts of ways. This, too is a form of spellcraft, just fyi. It’s just not always intentional!

So all in all, by yesterday evening, I was exhausted. And one particular man made it infinitely worse, berating one of my team in public.

So, why South Pacific? And why the shower?!?!

I had a dream where Brigid appeared and woke up singing that song. So I kept singing it. Well, under my breath cos my darlin husband wasn’t up yet.

And when you think about it, the shower is a really good place for this sort of spellcraft. As I rinsed the shampoo from my hair, I was literally washing the effects of this man out of my hair. As I washed down my body, I was washing off the effects of the horrible atmosphere in work.

Image of a woman's face, with tanned skin and dark hair, with one hand on her neck and the other hand on her head, with water running down her, giving the impression she's in the shower. She's not necessarily about her spellcraft, but then, she's not necessarily not either!
Picture of a woman in the shower

Imagining the water as a renewing and replenishing substance (which it is) helped rebuild my defences and my energy. I felt cleansed, free of contamination and ready to face into work.

And, if I’m honest, today went a lot better for me, even if that horrible atmosphere was still around me. It was around me, but not part of me.

What can other people use from this?

Well, for any sort of cleansing work or personal spellcraft, the shower is a great place for it. For those who have taken any of my classes, you’ll know I base my practices in practicalities. Layering spiritual and energetic work over the physical reinforces the intent.

I mean, you don’t have to use music from a classic like I did. Most of ye know people like The Bloodhound Gang and Shakira also feature in my practice. But layering up the intent and the activity and the energy is how spellcraft works. Use what works.

But remember, you can always do something to help yourself feel better, even if it’s just a shower…

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