Awaken Brigid’s Flame

In Irish myth and legend, Brigid’s Flame was held lit in Kildare from pre-Christian times up until the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century. (Henry VIII needed some cash, basically). And then it was re-lit by the Brigidine sisters in Kildare in 1993, with the perpetual flame re-lit in 2006. (It’s known as St. Brigid’s Flame as well as Brigid’s Flame, depending on the inclination of the speaker)

Why call a course “Awakening the Flame”?

Because for me, the flame typifies Brigid more than the healing well. There is nothing wrong with the healing well. I use the healing waters of Brigid frequently in my work. But, I also feel like the fire, the flame of Brigid is a more potent force in the world.

A picture of Brigid's Flame in Kildare, an orange flame from a black-ish decorated bowl, with a branch and a vague outline of a stone building in the background.
A picture of St. Brigid’s flame in Kildare

I mean, usually, floods notwithstanding, a fire has a more direct, immediate effect than a flow of water. And fire is generally considered more aggressive than water.

I want people to feel assertive about their practice after this course. I don’t really want people feeling aggressive about it, but I do want people feeling confident, happy and content with their practices, their plans and their future with Brigid. Now most of the course can be applied, with a little tweaking, to any deity. But since Brigid is my main deity and she is the one I work with/for.. she’s who I’m aiming this at.

What does it mean to awaken the flame?

Never let the fire in your heart go out.

Romans 12:11-13, Bible

Yeah, it’s from the Bible. But it’s used elsewhere as well.

For me, awakening the flame is about lighting and feeding Brigid’s fire in our hearts. In our lives. In our souls.

Yeah, I might be going a bit esoterical there. But it’s worth it, I promise. For me, Brigid stands for justice, peace, doing the hard work, women in male-dominated spaces, children, healing, strength, resistance, perseverance…

The list goes on. Social justice features prominently in my practice for Brigid and honestly, self care does too. I can’t help others unless I myself am capable of doing something.

Awakening Brigid’s Flame means to allow her to settle into our lives, just become part of our lives, beyond prayers or candles or whatever. She just is. She can be a guiding light, and I have used her as such. But we need to maintain our practices to ensure she remains in our lives.

I mean, how long would you hang around someone who paid you no attention? Or paid you attention on auto-poilot for no apparent reason? The relationship with deity isn’t always a friendship and is highly unlikely to be equal. We’re talking about deity. But it can be in right relationship. A balance both sides are happy with.

That’s what I want to give people in this course. A selection of practices, journal questions, meditations, and other things to deepen your practice. Yes, this is aimed at preparing for Imbolc and all that celebration. But it’s also providing you with a means to light Brigid’s Flame and keep it lit.

Why sign up?

Sign up if:

  • You want to take your practice beyond lighting a candle
  • You have not much time
  • You are not safe to practice your spirituality publically
  • You have no idea where to start
  • You’ve read the lore and don’t know where to go next
  • You’re drawn to the Irish deity Brigid and the celebration of Imbolc
  • You seek a deeper connection to her, and her festival of Imbolc, in an authentic manner
  • You’re ready for a deeply personal journey to explore Brigid’s Flame and how to awaken it in yourself and keep it lighting…

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