Brigid, health and hot whiskeys

I’m down with a cold, so Brigid is high on my list of things to think about right now. It’s alright, it’s not covid and it’s not man-flu, so we’re doing ok, but still. Now, St. Brigid has a fair bit of experience with health, particularly with the eyes, but we have little information about Brig herself. So what am I doing to look after myself?

St Brigid in Dúchas

Now, there are 1812 entries in Duchás Schools Collection mentioning St Brigid. That doesn’t include Bríd, Bridget, Bride or any other variations on the name, now mind. I keep saying, Brigid was important to the Irish throughout time. She’s the only home grown patron saint that stayed with us (Paddy being an immigrant and Colmcille being an exile). And they say the issues with immigration and emigration on this island are modern ones…

A picture of Brigid with red hair, green background, holding a flame in her hand!
A picture of Brigid with red hair, green background, holding a flame in her hand!

But, more. One of the big traditions about St Brigid’s Day, and Imbolc as well, is to leave out the brat Bhríde overnight for the saint/ deity to bless as she travels over the land in/around the night of the 31st January. (I’ve written about this before) I will be using my brat this weekend to try and keep myself warm and snuggly.

Traditional cures

Now, look, Brigid has very little to do with a hot whiskey. But seeing as how one of her best (in my opinion) prayers is the Lake of Beer (see it here, item 6 on the CIE website) and has a legend attributed to her for turning bathwater to beer for some lepers, I think she has a decent track record in the whole alcohol space.

Just remember, alcohol played a different role in society before clean drinking water was a given, Brigid related or not… But a hot whiskey is almost a given in this country for a cold. Or a flu. There are warnings about mixing alcohol and paracetamol or any other medication, so bare that in mind alright? But here’s my recipe:

  • A slosh of good Irish whiskey. It’s Slane whiskey in our house at the minute, but that’s just chance. And the fact it’s a Meath whiskey…
  • Hot, not boiling, water.
  • Lemon – fresh lemon is meant to be best, I prefer lemon juice to be honest.
  • If you’re using fresh lemon, stud the lemon slice with cloves. If not, throw the cloves in as well.
  • Honey.

That’s it. Now, the proportions here depend on your taste, your preferences about alcohol, all that sort of thing. I will add in a “please let this work, Brigid” as well, or some alternative to that. It’s not so much a prayer as a request, but there you go. (This is also the kind of small practice that will be covered and discussed in Awakening the Flame over the coming months)

Short post today, but seriously, my brain is full of cotton wool and I’m focused on surviving the day til I get home to my brat and my hot whiskey and a nice relaxing book…

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