Cold vs Flu

This one isn’t really Brigid related, more of a public health announcement. I don’t have flu. Seriously – I made it out of bed.

Those who have had flu, will know it’s not just a bad cold. The best indication I ever had was by a doctor: “you’re in bed and see a €50 note in the garden. Do you force yourself out of bed to pick it up? If yes, it’s a cold. If no, probably flu.”

Now, that isn’t to stay I’m at the top of my health. I feel miserable. I need more fluids in me. I need to keep warm. I’m using home remedies, over the counter remedies. Since COVID, we’re all more aware of how to keep our germs to ourselves.

So, a cold isn’t necessarily something to just shrug off, but equally, a cold isn’t a flu.

And none of this has any impact on my team, extremely directly, telling me to stay the hell away from them until I’ve shaken off the plague…

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One thought on “Cold vs Flu”

  1. Just be kind to yerself! We want you healthy and happy. And I would totally fail the €50 test. I would property crawl my butt out if bed for less!

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